Locally Owned and Operated
by the Aguero Family


Welcome to our web site!

We hope to make this one of your favorite sites to visit for coupons, promotional offers and seasonal contest results, Favorite young artist drawings of us, mexican food prep tips, customer photo gallery and maybe some Mexican recipes for you to try at home. You are more than just customers to us, you are our friends. Come and join the fiesta with us!


Here are the winners of our Valentine's Day Dinner
Walter & Stephanie of Clemmons, NC

Come join



$5.00 Each
All Day,
 Every Day
#1-One taco, one enchilada w/choice of spanish rice or refried beans,chips & salsa, plus 16oz. Iced tea.
#2-Enchilada, spanish rice & refried beans, chips & salsa, plus 16oz. Iced tea.
#3-One bean burrito, spanish rice & refried beans, chips & salsa, plus 16oz. Iced tea.
#4-Cheese Quesadilla, spanish rice & refried beans, chips & salsa, plus 16oz. Iced tea.
#5-One quesadilla relleno, spanish rice & refied beans, chips & salsa, plus 16oz. Iced tea.
Conditions:Limited time offer - No Substitutions,
No Drink Refills.
 Here is my Super Spring Special Drink!
regular or frozen Pina Colada $2.00 (virgin $1.50). I know, I am jumping the gun by a couple of weeks but I just can't wait, I want it to be warm now and when I think of Spring, I think about tropical so I think Pina Colada is the perfect choice, Yum!

Senor Chilito stands at the entrance to the
shopping center peak hours to seranade and invite everyone to come join the fiesta with us!

We are excited that you are visiting our web site. Our restaurant is here to provide a unique dining experience for any occasion. Birthday Parties, Church dinners, school functions or for your next company dinner meeting,  we have a private room available for booking all functions or We also have large quantity take-out capability if you book it ahead that includes either you pick it up or a delivery service(with a charge) or we can provide a caterer to handle your function for additional charge depending on the size of your party,We can provide special pinatas, special desserts, xtra special food, it is totally up to you...How about a Feista to go anywhere you need it to be?
Also on this site you'll find information about our activities and our family, along with descriptions of our special plates.  Want something added?    
 E-mail us with your request and/or suggestions, we will be glad to add it in our monthly updates.

Real family deal...the Twins are my Godsons!
Senor Chilito serenades with his sister Crystal!

December 13, 2001. Yes this was our grand opening at Hicone Shopping Center in Greensboro, N.C. The beginning of it all! We have moved now so no longer at the Hicone Shopping center in Greensboro.


We have relocated to a new location, Kinderton Place Shopping Center in Advance, N.C. near our home! We are excited to be serving the people in our own community where we live, go to church and our children go to school! It is really awesome to be a part of such a great place to live...it is like having a larger family to enjoy, Come join the Fiesta with us soon, you will be glad you did!

Chilo's Authentic Mexican Restaurant
Kinderton Place Shopping Center
240 NC Highway 801 North,Suite G
Advance, NC 27006
we will fax menus and recieve orders by fax
10%Senior Citizen Discount

I cook and they will come,

Senor Chilito loves company!
Chilito and friend

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Chilo's Authentic Mexican Restaurant * 240 NC Highway 801 N * Advance,NC * US * 27006